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Reasons Why Platinum is Preferred by Women

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It is much more durable than other precious metal options for jewelry. Below are some features of platinum that set it apart.






Since platinum is one of the rarest metals in the world, its worth is pretty high. Besides, its high luster makes it an ideal match to go with diamonds as well as colored stones. This is one of the main reasons why 5 stone diamond ring platinum is a favorite among modern women.


The purity level of platinum at around 90% is what eliminates the possibility of its reaction with other materials. Although it is often mistaken for white gold due to their high level of similarity, the truth is that they differ on a big scale. In fact, platinum is 5 times rarer than gold.

Easy to Maintain

Platinum is very easy to maintain. Due to its excellent corrosion resistant properties, it does not tarnish easily. It only develops a thin layer of patina as time passes and it can be cleaned off easily at home. Overall, platinum has several advantages over its other counterparts that make it the most preferred metal for diamond jewelry.

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