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Pros and Cons of Choosing Yellow Gold

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The precious metal is wonderful for those who have a vintage taste. This is because it has a warm luster and looks particularly good on vintage engagement ring settings.




Gold is relatively easy to maintain. You do not have to get the metal dipped in anything to retain its natural luster. However, you do need to ensure proper care of yellow gold rings to maintain their appeal.

Yellow gold is cheaper and easier to resize too, which is important as the size of the finger changes with time. It is easier to do for jewelers since the metal is softer and they do not have to do any rhodium plating on it. Besides, in case you damage a yellow gold ring, it is relatively easier to repair it.

The main downside to a 14k yellow gold diamond ring is that it gets scratches relatively more easily. You cannot just take it to one of the jewelers and make it look fully brand-new again either. Therefore, if you lead an active lifestyle, you should avoid the extremely soft variants of yellow gold, and go for 18k gold instead.

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