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Methods to Identify Fake Gold Diamond Rings

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Hence, you must be really attentive while choosing a ring because a simple mistake may cost you millions of dollars. In order to avoid this, it is better to learn about some simple techniques with which you can spot fake gold diamond rings, such as the ones given below.


Tips to Spot Fake Diamonds

When it comes to spotting fake diamond rings, it is pretty easy since there are many at-home methods available for this. Some of the easiest tests include a water test, fog test, newspaper test, light test, etc. In case most of the surface area of your diamonds is concealed by the metal settings, you can look for laser inscriptions on the diamond. Additionally, check for the quality of the diamond ring settings; real diamonds will be always set using superior-quality metal settings.

Tips to Spot Fake Gold Metal

There are some brilliant techniques in order to figure out whether the metal of your diamond ring is fake; the easiest one is to look for the hallmark sign. An at-home test that will not damage your jewelry is the liquid foundation test. For this, apply some liquid foundation on your forehead and rub your gold band on over there. If it leaves a black mark, you probably own a fake gold ring.

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