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LeBron’s Engagement Ring to Savannah Brinson

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One celebrity who used this inspiration was LeBron James, who is 2012, turned longtime sweetheart Savannah Brinson’s otherwise average party night into one destined for the books.

LeBron’s choice was a sophisticated pear cut diamond, which on Brinson’s finger managed to look huge when she subsequently showed it off at the next day’s Miami Heat game. Pear shaped diamonds are beautiful, although not too popular compared to other cuts. That does not figure into most celebrities’ decisions, however; fancy shapes are always on the table, and in fact, become even trendier after a celeb opts for one.

Brinson’s engagement ring stone has two other stones on the sides, probably baguette cut. The pear itself holds tremendous shine. It has the typical 58 facets and combines the marquise and round cut elements in some very appealing ways. The edges are soft and round, and the stone has one definitive point.

You could try to get yourself a yellow diamond pear shaped engagement ring that looks like this stone, but then you need to make sure it comes with a certificate.

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