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Latest Diamond Ring Designs

June 7, 2019

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Things to Remember While Cleaning a Diamond Ring

As diamonds easily attract particles of oil or grease, dirt could get adhered to the ring easily.

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Some of the stylish diamond ring designs that you may consider are given below.

Mesh Cluster Diamond Ring

In this design, seven tiny diamonds are clustered together at the center of a yellow gold diamond ring. In order to add to the uniqueness if the ring, the diamond ring band is designed in a mesh-like pattern that tends to narrow towards the center.

Bubble Diamond Ring

In bubble diamond rings, tiny diamonds are placed randomly on a thin diamond ring band, preferably a spiral band. Here, the diamonds will be securely held in place by means of bezel settings and the overall setting will mimic tiny water droplets or bubble on a metal band.

Tension Set Marquise Ring

As the name indicates, a huge marquise diamond is set at the center of a platinum band by means of tension diamond ring setting here. That is, the center diamond is held in with the help of the tensile force exerted by the diamond ring band from each side.

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