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How to Shop for Miners Cut Diamond Engagement Rings?

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If you are in awe of vintage diamond ring designs, one of the best options that you may consider is miners cut diamond ring. However, you must understand the nitty-gritty of the cut before making a purchase.

Miner cut is a type of cut that you can see in most of the antique jewelry pieces that are dated back to the 1830s. In fact, miners cut diamond engagement rings were so popular in the 19th Century that most of the diamonds during the Victorian, Edwardian, and Georgian period featured this unique diamond cut.

The specialty of a miner cut is that it boasts high crown, round or almost square girdle, small table, flat faceted culet, and a deep pavilion. If you are wondering about these terms, a brief explanation is given below.

  • Crown – It is the upper section between the table and the girdle of a diamond
  • Table – The large facet at the top of a diamond
  • Girdle – the area in between the crown and pavilion. Note the girdle in antique diamonds will be thicker when compared to modern cuts
  • Pavilion – The bottom side of a diamond
  • Culet – The small facets at the bottom side of gemstones
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