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How to Choose Diamond Ring Settings without Stones?

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Most people prefer to choose diamond ring settings without stones. Note that it is not necessary that the readymade diamond rings that you see at stores will have the perfect diamond ring mountings that characterize your stone as well as represent your personality. So, choosing your stones and mountings separately will be perfect in this case.


Below are some of the key points that you must keep in mind while choosing diamond ring settings without stones.

Highlight your Main Stone

You must give priority to accentuating your center diamond while choosing the mountings. If your main gemstone is too small, it is better to choose the metal setting in which you can channel or pave set tiny diamonds along the diamond ring band. In case you love to flaunt a bigger center diamond, you may highlight it using a higher set claw mounting.

Three Stone Mountings

Choosing three stone diamond wedding rings is a great way to give a romantic makeover to your solitaire ring. There are many options here: if your objective is to show off a visually appealing ring, go for a fancy-shaped center stone and round diamonds on sides. In case you want nothing but bling on your band, go for an invisible diamond ring setting.

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