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Enhancer Settings for 3 Stone Diamond Wedding Rings

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This diamond ring design is a true symbol of timeless elegance and is something that hardly anyone can resist. Plus, it is an ideal choice when it comes to the symbolism as well; the 3 stones in the diamond represents the past, the present, and the future of a couple’s relationship. Hence, it is your responsibility to secure and maintain the beauty of your three stone diamond rings.


The design for 3 stone diamond wedding rings tends to change with its symbolism. In the case all the three stone are of similar shape and size, you may consider a diamond ring enhancer with three curves. This way, the enhancer will perfectly border the gemstones in your ring. Note that it is recommended to use one band each on the top and bottom of your ring so that your valuable stones are secured from every angle.

In case your intention is just to enhance the overall beauty of your ring, you may simply add a metal band that is entirely embellished with tiny diamond accents. This is ideal for 3 stone rings with diamonds of different sizes. This will take the overall brilliant quotient of your three stone diamond rings to another level.

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