Some people prefer going with a green gemstone for their engagement ring as opposed to the classic choice of a brilliant colorless diamond. There are several types that fall under this category, each with its own distinct set of benefits. Following is a comparison between emerald and tsavorite.

Emerald, a stone that falls in the beryl family, is known for its rich green color. Most jewelers sell this stone in the “emerald cut”, mainly because the flat table best displays the hue, with the faceting facilitating a different type of brilliance. The 7.5 hardness score means it is a very hard stone, but most emeralds carry several inclusions that affect their structural integrity.

Tsavorite is a part of the garnet family, and is seen to be radiant green. The colored stone in a tsavorite and diamond ring reflects light much more brilliantly than an emerald, owing to its faceting layout, and is sold in many cuts, with oval and cushion being the most common among them. A tsavorite rarely carries inclusions, and can consequently resist breakage much more effectively than an emerald. The best part is that it is also significantly more affordable, given that emerald is one of the four main precious stones next to jewelry-grade diamond.