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Ariana Grande Diamond Ring on Social Media

August 12, 2019

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Of course, those people’s diamonds rings also match with that of Ariana Grande.






An account of her fan shared the video, posted originally to the celebrity’s Instagram stories in November, showing the multi-talented celeb and her friends wearing matching diamond rings. Ariana Grande captioned the video “3/7” referring to the fact that she and six of her friends purchased matching diamonds.

Social media influencer, Alexa Luria, and singer-songwriter, Njomza, are among the six friends. They also shared photographs of their jewelry pieces on the social networking platform.

Alexa Luria also seems to be a part of the “Mean Girls” tribute in Ariana Grande’s forthcoming rom-com inspired music video titled “Thank U, Next”. Alexa hinted that on her Instagram handle, that was captioned, “It’s obviously not Wednesday”.

It is one thing being on social media to promote something for publicity, and another thing to get in touch with besties. Ariana Grande certainly seems to have made the most of the social networking platform in both the regards.

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