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3 Popular Types of Diamond Ring Settings for Men

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Most men's engagement rings use smaller gemstones in their design, distinctive diamond settings make all the difference with defining their look and style. Below are some popular men's ring settings for diamonds.



Bezel Setting

Despite the contemporary look, it is actually one of the oldest existing settings. The bezel, a metal piece, wraps around its stone and is bent over it in order to hold it securely in place. This type of setting makes gemstones appear bigger than what they actually are.

Channel Setting

Metal channels hold either a diamond or two in the setting, which gives the dramatic impression of almost-floating gemstones. It has a somewhat vintage and sophisticated appeal.





Burnish Setting

In this type of setting, the area a diamond is going to be set into is prepped, by drilling one hole, so that the gemstone will eventually be flush with the encircling material’s surface. A rubbing tool is being used to push the metal around the gem to hold it into place. This setting is considered to have an extremely modern look.

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