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How to Hint & Get the Engagement Ring You Really Want
How to Hint & Get the Engagement Ring You Really Want
Congratulations! You’re about to receive a proposal of marriage from the love of your life and your best friend. It’s a happy time but also pretty stressful for the person who is proposing. Will you say yes? Will you love the ring? Think about it: it’s a huge purchase and yet it’s traditionally made by one half of the happy...
How to Hint & Get the Engagement Ring You Really Want
  1. Best Jewelry Insurance

    Best Jewelry Insurance

    Fine jewelry is beautiful, sentimental, and valuable. It’s something you can treasure for a lifetime— but also something that should be protected. While you can be mindful of where you wear your jewelry and when you take it off, life happens. Even the most careful jewelry owner is at risk of losing or damaging their jewelry. Or, worse, having it...
  2. What to Do When You Want to Upgrade Your Ring

    What to Do When You Want to Upgrade Your Ring

    There are many reasons you might want to upgrade your engagement ring. Maybe you’re tired of your old engagement ring’s style, or maybe you now have the means to get the nicer ring you’ve always dreamed of. While there are many excellent reasons to upgrade your ring, actually doing so can sometimes be tricky. Some people are worried about bringing...
  3. RockHer vs Blue Nile vs James Allen

    RockHer vs Blue Nile vs James Allen

    Thousands upon thousands of high-quality diamonds to choose from. GIA diamond grading reports. Amazingly competitive diamond prices. Money back guarantees, lifetime warranties, and 30-day return policies. It may seem that Blue Nile, James Allen, RockHer and all the big online diamond sellers are the same. Online retailers have revolutionized diamond engagement ring shopping by offering the best diamond prices, with...
  4. Complete Guide to Diamond Laboratories

    Complete Guide to Diamond Laboratories

    If you are buying a significant diamond or engagement ring, a grading report from an independent and objective third party can help verify its quality and value. A grading report levels the playing field between retailers to help you compare diamond prices while you are shopping for a diamond ring, engagement ring, or other jewelry with significant diamonds. A diamond...
  5. Your Guide to Custom Made Diamond Engagement Rings

    Your Guide to Custom Made Diamond Engagement Rings

    Close your eyes and imagine your ideal engagement ring being made. Do you see your ring as one among thousands of identical rings in a big factory in India or China, like cookie-cutter widgets on an assembly line? Or do you imagine a one-of-a-kind engagement ring that’s commissioned by you and crafted individually by a skilled artisan in a workshop...
  6. Athletes Who Threw the Most Extravagant Weddings

    Athletes Who Threw the Most Extravagant Weddings

    Image courtesy of the Today Show   Celebrities have been known to go big with their weddings, and big-name athletes are no exception. Successful athletes are among the highest paid of all celebrities, so it makes sense that their weddings often have massive price tags. While the average couple spends around $27,698 on their wedding, many professional athletes spend hundreds...

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