The Six Top Holiday Engagement Rings (and How to Propose With Them)

The holidays are the best time of year to get engaged because the whole world is in the mood to celebrate. At RockHer, we’re busy crafting lots of engagement rings and we can’t wait to see all your inspiring proposal stories!

Need some inspiration for creating your perfect holiday engagement ring? Not sure how to pop the question? Here are the top six-holiday engagement ring trends this holiday season and the perfect proposal for each of the ring styles. Make sure to tag #rockher on Insta along with #shesaidyes.

1. The Halo Engagement Ring With a View

The halo is the most popular engagement ring style for many reasons. Surrounding your center diamond with a ring of smaller diamonds means your ring will sparkle a lot from every angle. The delicate diamond details also gives your ring a feminine and romantic vintage feeling, even if the rest of your ring is unadorned. But the most important reason why halo diamond engagement rings are so popular is that the halo makes your center diamond look much larger. A one carat diamond engagement ring with a halo looks like a two-carat solitaire engagement ring.

If you are proposing with a halo engagement ring this holiday season, we recommend a romantic outdoor proposal. Spell out marry me in candles at a local park or take a walk in a place with a beautiful view. You’ll have the perfect backdrop to capture gorgeous proposal images too!

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2. The Three Stone Engagement Ring at Home

Celebrate your past, present, and future with a three stone engagement ring. Thanks to Meghan and Harry, a three-stone engagement ring also has a royal pedigree. Add a personal touch by choosing your favorite diamond shape for the center diamond and switching up the shape of the side stones. (Meghan has a cushion cut diamond in the middle and round diamonds that used to be Princess Diana’s stud earrings on the sides.) Our customers also love three stone oval engagement rings, which have a beautiful elongated shape on your finger.

How should you propose with a three stone engagement ring this holiday season? Take a cue from Harry and propose during a “cozy night” at home when it’s just you two. Add to the atmosphere with rose petals and dozens and dozens of candles.

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3. The Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring on an Adventure

Pear shaped diamond engagement rings are the choice of vibrant women who are daring and passionate. Pear shaped diamond engagement rings are unusual and asymmetrical, with an edgy point and a softer side. The most popular styles are pear shaped halo engagement rings, pear shape engagement rings with a criss-cross band, and pear shaped solitaire engagement rings. Pear shaped rings are also really versatile because they can be worn two ways, with the point up or with the point down.

Because women who love pear shaped diamond engagement rings are always ready for anything, your proposal should be an adventure. Sky diving, balloon rides, helicopter or glider rides, road trips and moonlight boat rides are all possibilities. Get ready for a life that will be anything but boring!

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4. The Oval Diamond Engagement Ring Out on the Town

Oval diamond engagement rings are elegant and refined, with a timeless look that’s just a little out of the ordinary. The elongated silhouette of an oval diamond engagement ring makes the diamond look bigger and your finger look longer, so it’s not surprising that it’s growing in popularity. Oval diamonds look beautiful set simply with a diamond band, in a three stone engagement ring with pear shaped diamonds, oval diamonds, or round diamonds on the sides, or in a halo setting with vintage flair.

Because an oval engagement ring appeals to the fashionable woman with refined taste, propose in an elegant setting with champagne, like a rooftop cocktail lounge, penthouse terrace or five-star restaurant.

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5. The Rose Gold Engagement Ring at Sunset

A beautiful way to add a personal touch to your engagement ring is the delicate blush shape of rose gold. A rose gold engagement ring is so warm and flattering against the skin. Rose gold engagement rings are refined and romantic and the contrast between the warm color makes your diamonds look icy white.

The warm shade of rose gold is a perfect match to the rosy glow of “magic hour” as the sun sinks below the horizon. Your favorite sunset spot, whether it’s a beach, hilltop, or rooftop garden, is a beautiful place to propose with a rose gold engagement ring too.

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6. The Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring on Vacation

Solitaire engagement rings are the classic for a reason: they are simple, timeless and easy to wear. Solitaire diamond rings are a great choice for women who are active or work with their hands, like nurses, teachers, artists, doctors, and athletes. They are also a great way to highlight a beautiful diamond.

The perfect way to propose with a solitaire diamond engagement ring is on vacation. A week in Italy or the Florida Keys will take you away from your busy lives and allow you to focus on each other. Even if you can’t get away to a tropical island or Paris, you can go away for the weekend to a beautiful place near you. You’ll know when the moment is right to begin your new life together.

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