If you’ve been on a desert island for a few months, you may not have noticed that there’s a new engagement ring style that has celebrities and influencers around the world saying “Yes” (And, no, it’s not Meghan Markle’s three-stone.) The new engagement ring style of the moment is classic with a twist: a simple fancy-shape diamond solitaire on a slim diamond band. Karlie Kloss has one with a cushion-cut diamond. Hailey Baldwin’s ring from Justin Bieber is an oval. And let’s not forget Blake Lively’s engagement ring, which has a pink oval-cut diamond, and Kim Kardashian’s massive cushion cut, both set on slim diamond bands too.

Source: @karliekloss on Twitter

What makes this the engagement ring style of the moment? The fancy shape adds a personal twist and the diamond band adds discreet sparkle. Any fancy shape looks great in this setting style. But most importantly, it’s designed to look as good in twenty years as it does today: it doesn’t scream 2018 (or any year at all) while still looking of-the-moment today. How many things you wear can you say that about? And as the years go by, because the diamond band is slim and straight, it stacks well with other bands so you can easily add a wedding band (or two), anniversary band, or a band to celebrate the birth of a child. When your engagement ring style is this simple every detail counts. Here are the tiny touches that will make your ring really special.

Oval Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring With Pave Shank In 14k White Gold 

If your diamond isn’t so big that it basically covers the front of the band (hello, Kim Kardashian) there is one tiny styling detail that can make a big difference to the look of your ring. A band that tapers to a point on either side of the center stone makes your ring look more delicate. It also makes your center diamond look a bit larger at the same time.

Classic Petite Split Prong Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring In 14k White Gold

Because this engagement ring design is so simple, the style of the prongs is important. Consider double prongs, which have a subtle vintage vibe, or longer claw-shaped prongs, which have an edgy modern look. Either way, you’ll have an engagement ring that will age gracefully and that you’ll love, well, forever.