The Best Black Friday Engagement Ring Sales

If you are thinking about a holiday proposal, it’s time to order an engagement ring. You might be waiting to see if there are any good Black Friday diamond sales. You won't find any crazy Black Friday deals on diamonds with GIA reports. Here’s why: selling diamonds online is so competitive that the mark-ups are minuscule. Online retailers can’t mark them down because they are only making a few percent as it is.

When you see big discounts at mall jewelers or jewelry chains, that’s because the markups for those retailers are much bigger, so they have room to discount. They don't usually offer GIA grading reports so they can mark up lower quality diamonds more thanks to generous quality grades. Here’s the crazy thing. You will still save money buying diamonds online at regular prices, even when a chain jeweler is offering 30 or 35 percent off on engagement rings!

Here are a few ways that you can save money on a diamond engagement ring this holiday season and still get a beautiful diamond with a GIA report.

1. Discounts on Engagement Ring Settings

Although you won't see discounts on the center diamonds, you can save with Black Friday sales on engagement ring settings. RockHer is offering 40% off engagement ring settings this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. How can we offer such a huge discount? Unlike most retailers, we make our own engagement rings from scratch in our own California workshop so we can sell them at close to the cost of the metal and labor. In fact, it’s the best deal on engagement rings we’ve ever offered.

2. Buy a Diamond that’s Slightly Below One Carat

Think you can’t afford a high quality one-carat diamond ring? You can if you don't buy a 1.00 carat diamond but choose a 0.95 carat diamond instead. Diamond prices are calculated per carat and the prices per carat jump up at the 1.00-carat borderline. Buying a diamond that weighs 0.05 carat less, a difference that is impossible to see with the naked eye, will save you about 20 percent!

In fact, you can find one-carat diamonds with a diameter of 6.1mm and one-carat diamonds with diameters of 6.5 mm. That means a 0.95-carat diamond could have the exact same diameter as a one-carat diamond. There’s no way to tell that it isn’t one carat without weighing it.

3. Use Artificial Intelligence to Price Check

Before you make your final decision on a diamond, make sure you are getting the best possible value by using the Compare Your Diamond feature on RockHer. It works no matter where you found your diamond, whether it’s a jewelry store or at an online jeweler like Blue Nile.

Just submit the GIA report number and RockHer’s artificial intelligence algorithm will compare it to more than 50,000 diamonds on the market to see if there is a better diamond at the same price or a comparable diamond at a lower price. You will find out of there is an even better deal available or know that the diamond you found is a true bargain.

4. Consider a Fancy Shaped Diamond

One of the easiest ways to get the best deal on a diamond ring is to choose a fancy shaped diamond engagement ring rather than the traditional round diamond engagement ring.

All one-carat diamonds are the same weight. But they are not the same size! Oval shaped diamonds, marquise cut diamonds, and pear shaped diamonds are not as deep as round diamonds so they have a larger surface area than a round the same weight. So by choosing a fancy shaped diamond, you can have a larger looking diamond ring while paying for the same carat weight diamond.

Fancy shape diamonds also cost less per carat than round brilliant diamonds! So that bigger looking fancy shaped diamond also costs less than a round brilliant diamond. You can save as much as $1000 on a one-carat oval diamond ring.

5. Don’t Miss the Black Friday Diamond Stud Earrings Sale

Diamond stud earrings are the perfect gift for brides and anyone else that doesn’t have a pair already. This Black Friday and Cyber Monday, RockHer is offering 20% off all diamond stud earrings. We have every diamond total weight from 0.05 carats per ear to many carats per ear. And you can also buy a single diamond stud, either to match an earring with a lost mate or to wear alone or in combination with other earrings.


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