Considering pledging your love with a sapphire engagement ring? Although most couples choose diamond instead, sapphires are an excellent choice for an engagement ring. Tastemakers Gwyneth Paltrow, Elizabeth Hurley, Penelope Cruz, and Heidi Klum all received sapphire engagement rings. Don't get us wrong, we love diamond engagement rings, but we can immediately think of five reasons why sapphire engagement rings are a good alternative.


1. Sapphire Engagement Rings Are More Unique

Diamonds are the most common engagement ring choice. So by choosing a sapphire instead, you immediately set yourself apart from the crowd. But the uniqueness of your sapphire engagement ring goes beyond the fact that they aren’t all over your Insta feed. Sapphires come in a wide range of colors and each one has its own personality. Unlike diamonds, which go from colorless to slightly yellow, sapphire can be pale blue to midnight blue, slightly purple or teal, warm or cool, saturated or subtle. (And that is just blue sapphire! This versatile gem also comes in pink, yellow, orange, green, purple, colorless and everything in between.)


2. Sapphires are A Royal Tradition

Image Courtesy of Reader's Digest

The most famous engagement ring in the world is a blue sapphire: the 18-carat sapphire engagement ring that Prince Charles gave to Princess Diana. And that Prince William gave to Kate Middleton. Sapphires are a royal tradition: Napoleon gave Empress Josephine a sapphire engagement ring. And not just blue sapphires: Princess Eugenie has a pink-orange padparadscha sapphire. Choosing a blue sapphire isn’t just unique, it’s regal.


3. Sapphires are Deeply Meaningful

The tradition of sapphire engagement rings is longer than diamonds because sapphires have symbolized loyalty, sincerity, and faithfulness for centuries. Sapphire makes a promise to be true: that’s the original source of “true blue.” In medieval times, bishops wore sapphire rings to symbolize that they are married to the church. Sapphire is the gem of the soul, which makes it the perfect choice for your soulmate. Really, sapphire is the perfect choice to express the depth of your commitment to each other.


4. Sapphires are Tough

Diamonds may be harder than sapphire but they can be cleaved with a single blow. Sapphire is a hard gem, second only to diamond, but it’s also tough. How tough? The next time you go to the supermarket, look at the clear window for the laser that scans the bar code on your cans and bottles. That window is sapphire and that’s why it can handle years of abuse without chipping or scratching. We hope you’ll take better care of your engagement ring, of course. But sapphire will stay beautiful for generations. Just look at the 30-carat sapphire above that was given as a wedding present to Archduchess Marie Anne of Austria in 1902.


5. Sapphires are More Affordable

Best of all, all the beauty, uniqueness, tradition, symbolism and lasting beauty of sapphire is less per carat than diamond. You can afford a larger sapphire for the same price, giving you more design flexibility. Go delicate or go large and dramatic. Choose a traditional color or an unusual one. Go for a traditional cut or a creative one. With sapphire you can dream bigger and still fit into your engagement ring budget. Just see our selection of stunning sapphire engagement rings and we know you will be convinced that sapphire really is the right engagement ring for you.