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  1. Lab Grown Diamond Buying Guide

    start with a lab created diamond The new diamond age has begun. After decades of research, scientists have finally developed the technology to make fine quality diamonds in a laboratory. That means these beautiful gems are now more accessible for a wider audience. Lab grown diamonds, which are also called created diamonds, synthetic diamonds, and man-made diamonds, are identical to...
  2. Romantic Valentine’s Jewelry Gift Guide

    Romantic Valentine’s Jewelry Gift Guide
    Forget flowers. Cancel candy. The most romantic Valentine’s gift is undoubtedly jewelry. You don’t give jewelry when you kinda like someone. This is the stuff of undying passion. It says I’ll love you forever in a small wrapped package. When she sees the box her heart will start to beat a little faster. Want to pledge your love with something...
  3. Valentines Proposal Ideas More Romantic Than a Restaurant

    Love is in the air this time of year. Planning a romantic Valentine’s proposal? You’re not alone. According to a CNN poll, 10 percent of proposals happen on February 14: 6 million people expect to propose or be proposed to on Valentines Day. Many of those proposals will take place in restaurants. Although you’ve seen it in movies, proposing at...
  4. Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide

    Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide
    Everyone agrees that the very best holiday gifts come in small packages! Celebrate the season and make it memorable with a gift of jewelry. Jewelry is the most romantic holiday gift because wearing it is a constant reminder of the person who gave it to you. And a luxurious gift of jewelry doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are...
  5. How to Take Care of Your Engagement Ring

    How to Take Care of Your Engagement Ring
    Do you know how to take care of that priceless sparkler on your finger? Here are eight essential things you need to know about taking care of your engagement ring. 1. Insure Your Ring The first thing you should do is to buy insurance for your engagement ring. Because your ring isn’t automatically covered by renters or homeowners insurance, you...
  6. How to Speak Jewelry

    How to Speak Jewelry
    It happens all the time. We are talking to our customers and they begin to sound confused. We get it! So. Much. Jargon. Even after you’ve studied up on the 4Cs, you’ll continue to discover jewelry words that mean something entirely different than what the dictionary says. No worries: we speak jewelry fluently and can translate. Here are some common...
  7. 8 Lab-Grown Diamond Secrets Jewelers Do Not Want You to Know

    8 Lab-Grown Diamond Secrets Jewelers Do Not Want You to Know
    Which is more ethical: natural diamonds have been mined from the earth or lab-grown diamonds that have been created by man? If you’ve seen any advertising from the new lab-grown diamond brands that have popped up in the past few years, you might think you know the answer to that question. But are lab grown diamonds really better for the...

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