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Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

With wider corners, the RockHer Asscher cut diamond captures more light from all angles, producing a distinct pattern of repeated squares.
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About Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

To create maximum brilliance, RockHer's artisans handcraft the crown to a height greater than 10%, creating a smaller table with larger crown facets that capture and return more light. The result is a showstopping diamond engagement and wedding ring that can outshine even the brightest cuts. Read More Using knowledge handed down from generations, RockHer Haute Jewels has constructed a collection of Asscher cut diamonds that provide a sophisticated shimmer, all in a chic square shape. First developed in 1902 and treasured for their elegant step cut silhouette, Asscher cut diamonds can act as the centerpiece to a vintage inspired engagement ring or create the look of timeless elegance in any modern setting. Recently, the popularity of RockHer's Asscher cut diamonds has increased in the United States, which may be due to a recent redesign of the diamond. After visiting the GIA’s International Gemological Symposium in 1999, Edward Asscher (grandson of Joseph Asscher, who created the original cut) had the idea to craft a modern style, with more brilliance and shine than before. Edward Asscher added two additional rows of facets to the bottom of the stone, keeping the diamond's classic feel while making the stone’s appearance even more dynamic. Read Less

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