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Diamond Sourcing

Our Commitment To Responsibly Sourced Diamonds

All RockHer diamonds are sourced only from mines that adhere to the strictest labor, trade, and environmental standards.

We support the Kimberley Process but go beyond it by requiring an audited and transparent diamond supply chain.

Our tightly-controlled diamond supply chain also ensures we never sell any treated or synthetic diamonds. We double-check every single stone ourselves with the latest technologies available in our own office so we can guarantee that everything we sell is 100% natural. And, of course, buying direct from the source also means we can offer you excellent value without ever compromising on quality or cutting ethical corners.

Our Diamond Mine

We are partners in Lipari Mineraçao, which operates the largest diamond mine in South America, the Braúna mine in Brazil. We are proud to support the mine’s efforts to benefit its community and provide jobs, economic security, and productively reclaimed land for the people of Nordestina in Brazil. The mine is a showcase for responsible mining principles, so well run that it regularly opens its doors to the local community so that everyone can see first-hand how it operates.

Why We Don’t Sell

Synthetic Diamonds

All the diamonds we sell are natural, ethically sourced diamonds with no enhancement or treatment of any kind other than cutting and polishing.

We don’t believe that diamonds that are made in a laboratory are necessarily better for the environment because they consume large amounts of energy in the manufacturing process. They also provide much less employment than natural diamond mining and land reclamation. Our diamond sources always have their carbon footprint in mind when mining diamonds and believe wholeheartedly in land reclamation. For example, one of the ways they practice land reclamation is by planting trees to cover the area after mining is finished.

We don’t recommend synthetic diamonds as an investment, since we aren’t sure if they will hold their value in the resale market or even if such a market will exist in the future.

We’re also hopeless romantics and love the miracle of a natural diamond: such breathtaking beauty, billions of years old from the fiery depths of the earth, unchanged by time. It seems such a fitting symbol of love.